bits + pieces from the weekend

dogs. soap box derby. the flea. cameras. tacos. popsicles. ice cream. coney island. boardwalk dance party. pizza. wine. rachel. megan.



For the first time, in I can’t even remember when, ¬†Josh and I have started to have some predictability with our work schedules. The past few weeks we’ve been having Sundays off together – where we’ve actually have a day together that’s just for us and hasn’t already been designated for something else. It feels great and we’re hoping it can stay this way for a while. It feels like we’re part of the rest of society where people have weekends off. Even though it’s not a typical Saturday AND Sunday weekend – We’ll take it! Sunday is just right for us.

We are trying to keep these Sundays all to ourselves. It gives us something to look forward to at the end of each week and a chance to see each other. Something that we’re not really accustomed to doing on a regular basis.

Here’s some little bits of our Sunday.